The distinct listeners data for the 20th and 21st is now updated and this issue is fully resolved.

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We've corrected the issue with the distinct listeners metric and you now see that metric populating for today (Nov. 22). We are starting the process of getting the data for the 20th and 21st updated. We'll post again when that's finished.

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Earlier today we became aware of an issue with the show level stats where the daily downloads as well as the all-time, this week, this month, etc numbers were not updating. The episode level stats were unaffected and have continued to update normally.

After a thorough investigation the issue was tracked down to an issue with report generation for the show level stats. Specifically generating the 'distinct listeners' metric was causing severe performance issues and preventing the rest of the show level stats from updating. As a temporary solution we've disabled generating the 'distinct listeners' metric.

Currently, all show level stats except for the distinct listeners metric are caught up and continue to update normally.

We are continuing to work on getting the distinct listeners metric up and running again. Once it is fixed that metric for the impacted days will be updated.

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