After 13 hours and 13 minutes

Stats processing continues to run normally and will be fully caught up within the next few hours.

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After 5 hours and 2 minutes

Stats processing is continuing to run normally and is catching up. It's ~7 hrs behind now.

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After 37 minutes

Stats processing is running normally again and we are putting in place additional checks and alerting to prevent this particular issue from occurring again in the future.

The stats processing is currently ~14 hours behind. The data is processed from oldest to newest so you will see the June 9th numbers update until that day is finished and then the June 10th numbers will begin to appear. New episodes released will appear in your stats as the processing gets caught up.

We expect it to take the rest of the day and possibly into tomorrow for the processing to fully catch up. We'll continue to post progress updates until that occurs.

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We've identified an issue that caused our stats processing to stop running late in the day on June 9th. We have corrected the problem and the processing is now running normally again.

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