Publishing is now fixed and full services (except stats processing) are now restored. We will resolve this incident and create a new one for stats processing.

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The primary DB cluster is now fully restored and the majority of services are back online. Publishing is still not working and we are implementing a fix for that now. We'll post an update when that fix is in place and verified to be working.

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The emergency DB maintenance is still in progress but there are now enough healthy nodes that we are starting to turn services back on. Please note that stats processing are currently stopped and episode publishing is not working. Once the DB cluster is fully back up we will begin work on the publishing issue.

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We are doing emergency maintenance on our DB systems to correct the issue, we will continue to provide regular updates. During this time nearly all services are impacted in some manner.

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This issue is now affecting all services, and we're continuing to work through it. Will post an update soon.

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We've identify the issue as being related to the DB maintenance we did earlier today. We're working a solution, and we do expect there to be issues with other services while this work is being performed. We'll post further updates soon.

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We're looking into reports of issues with publishing episodes and will provide an update shortly

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Affected components
  • Libsyn Platform
    • Login Page
    • Dashboard & Publishing
  • Podcast Pages & RSS Feeds
    • Podcast Page
    • RSS Feed
  • Media & Asset Delivery
    • Media Files
    • Web Assets
  • Web Player
  • Mobile Apps
  • FTP
  • Stats